Kennel Clad Standard Guillotine Doors

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Kennel Clad Standard Guillotine Doors

Kennel Clad Standard Guillotine Dog Door

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Security Boss Manufacturing is very proud of the Standard model Kennel Clad Doors. These are considered a work horse guillotine door, constructed of 1/16th” thick aluminum plate, which is reinforced on all sides with customized aluminum channels. This simple yet rugged design is a great alternative for customers who have been frustrated with old white plastic designs in years past. These models are durable and very easy to keep clean. The standard model will out perform any plastic door while providing a smart, clean look that will retain it’s appearance for many years. All components are naturally rust resistant and can withstand frequent chemical exposure, common in large kennel washings. All Security Boss products are hand built to order.

The rails for the Standard models are the same as used in the Insulated models. This allows you the choice of upgrading panels for severe weather or colder months without replacing rails or rebuilding walls. Because of the reinforcements, these panels have an inherent strength that will easily contain even the most aggressive of occupants.

Kennel Clad Standard Guillotine Doors
12 x 29
17 x 29
17 x 34
Warranty note: We will make custom sized doors that are larger than the above sizes, however, they will be not warrantied as they are larger than our standard sizes.
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Metal Guillotine Kennel Door
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