Dealer Program

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Authorized Dealer Program
Partner with the Boss

The Security Boss Manufacturing LLC Dealer Program is open to individuals/companies that specialize in end user product installation or install home services.

The sale of Security Boss Pet Door Products individually as a stand alone retail item online is strictly managed by prior agreements and limited to:

Why Security Boss?

We Make the Best Pet Doors by Design

- We encourage you to compare our products with anyone
- Profit margins are maintained and protected
- We focus on providing you with the best pet doors

24 Hour Support
Ordering | Instructions | Documentation | Program Details | Product Information

- 24 hour Easy access ordering / fulfillment
- Discounts are automatically applied to your orders
- Units are made to order and shipped in nearly all circumstances with 2 business days, 2-4 for larger orders.
- Web Site designed to be used as a Point of Sale Tool for your Customers
- Deeply discounted UPS rates for ground as well as expedited options
- Quick access to installation instructions, technical specifications, Warranty etc.
- Accessory Items for product customization or long term maintenance

Zero Inventory - Zero Hassles

- We fulfill the units you need as you need them
- No inventory required. No stocking or minimum ordering required.
- Return uninstalled units for full credit. You never have to absorb the cost of items you do not sell or install.

Increase your Business Potential

- Adds value and profit to the services you already provide
- Increases gross sales
- Increase customer traffic
- Year round market sales
- Assimilates easily into existing product offering
- Easily diversifies your income potential
- Minimal to zero capital investment required
-Kennel Products are not eligible for dealer discount

Grow your Business without the Limitations of a Franchise

- No back end fees
- No installation revenue sharing (Some manufacturers require a sharing of your installation charges**).
- We are only interested in providing you the best pet door to augment your business
- No installation fee garnishment

If you are interested in learning more about partnering with Security Boss as a Dealer please contact us: Authorized Dealer Program.

**Security Boss Manufacturing LLC warrants its pet doors only. The installation of our products would not be covered by Security Boss Manufacturing LLC. To see our complete warranty coverage please see the Security Boss MaxSeal Warranty.

Kennel products are not part of our dealer program and not eligible for discount.