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Pet Door FAQ

Proper Pet Door Sizing

MaxSeal Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right size door for my pet?

Please feel free to use the Selector below as a guide for the more common breeds. Remember that you want to select a pet door that will clear the tallest pet's shoulders by 1.5-2"...and have a low enough step over rise to allow for easy navigation given the pets breed, age and mobility now and in the future.

The sizing tool below is a good starting point for determining the best size pet door for your dog. These are only recommendations, you know your pet best. Certain factors may alter these recommendations such as step down distance to outside ground level, multiple pet use and thickness of wall.

Do I need a Single Or Dual Flap Model?

Most customers select the dual flap model if the pet door leads directly to the outside or to an unheated garage. The dual flap version will provide superior insulation, while the single flap is used for very temperate climates, going from one room to another within the house or if from porches and lanais to the outside. Remember, a pet door is an open access to the outdoors, you may be rest easier with the seal and barrier of a dual flap model.

What is the Rain Guard?

The Rain Guard is an accessoru that protects your pet door from direct rain exposure. This can be usefully if your home does not have an overhang at the location that the pet door is installed. The MaxSeal does seal better than other pet doors but exercising some additional caution is always advantageous. The Rain Guard is not manufactured by Security Boss and is not a warrantied item, but is replaceable if needed.

Do Smaller pets, like cats, have any problems using larger pet door sizes?

We have numerous customers who have multiple pets. Even the largest, Behemoth, size can be used by the household cat. You will notice that while dogs go head first through the pet door flaps, cats will use their paws to gently push the corner of the flap.