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MaxSeal Pet Door Features

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-Low temperature PVC that are self extinguishing when exposed to flame
-UV Protected, prevents discoloration, brittleness and cracking
-Embedded nylon reinforcement for added flap strength
-Treated to prevent shrinking in extreme cold environments
-Stainless Steel Strikes riveted to flap that meet with the Alnico magnets in the pet door frame
-Easy to maintain and replace when needed by easy access thumbscrews


-1 1/2 inch Alnico Magnets align with steel strikes that are riveted to the flap to maintain positive closure
-Multiple magnets located along bottom and sides of flap
-Staggered placement in dual flap models create superior barrier from elements
Optional High Wind Neo Magnets are available for extremely windy conditions

Pile Brush Weather Stripping

-Dense brush lines each flap perimeter to maintain a draft proof seal
-Replaceable, maintainable for the indefinite life of your door


-Features the strongest frame in the pet door industry
-6063 extruded aluminum, .070 - .090 thick
-10 Powder coated color finish options

Security Locking Panel

-1/2 inch Insulated composite security panel
-Composite design allows for optimal strength and impact resistance
-Compression rivets provide for panel integrity and augment the proper closing action when locking into place
-Choice of load direction; top, left or right

Model Specific Info

Wall Models

-Trim-to-Fit 10 inch tunnel for most all standard walls thicknesses; 2-10" thick
-Trim-to_fit 16 inch optional tunnel for thicker walls: 2-16" thick
-Indoor, Outdoor beige brown carpeting included to line bottom and sides of your installed tunnel
-Safe, flexible, Rain Guard Protector - Included at no cost. Replaceable if needed.

Door Models

-Fits all doors 1/1/4" to 2 " thick
-Optional Safe, flexible, Rain Guard Protector - Replaceable if needed.

[photo] MaxSeal(tm) small size dog door (6 x 7.5 opening), in white. Model: SBWMSF6x7-5 sbdmsf7x9 sbdmsf11x25