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Alternative Brands

Alternative Brand Pet Doors

Every so often you may encounter a situation that requires a pet door function that is not currently offered through the Security Boss Pet Door lines. These alternative brand doors have been selected to specifically fulfill those situations .

Controlled Access Pet Doors

Some pet owners have the need to control either a single pets access or one of many many pets use of a pet door. We offer (2) alternative electronic pet doors to fulfill these situations:

PetSafe SmartDoor: Designed for dogs only. Good choice when a customer wants to keep a cat inside while allowing the dog outdoors.

Cat Mate Elite Selective: Good choice for customers who may have other feral cats in neighborhood or problems with nuisance animals.

Special Note: Both of these doors are designed to be raccoon proof. However, it is important to keep in mind that the large majority of dog and cat owners do not have problems with nuisance animals entering a pet door. This situation usually occurs when a bowl of food is placed indoors next to the pet door and you have a door that does not seal well. Nearly all MaxSeal pet owners report not incidents with problematic animals using the pet door. These electronic doors should only be used in very unique situations, due to their inexpensive and less than satisfactory longevity and overall performance.

Low Cost Utility Option

PetSafe Freedom Door: Good choice for customers who are working with a minimal pet door budget