Aircraft Cable

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Aircraft Cable


20 ft. length

Stainless Aircraft Cable is preferred for most kennel operations as it offers the most strength, longevity and resistance to corrosion. Cheaper cable is often galvanized and will not last in the long term, and may even present a safety issue if there were a cable integrity failure. Dog Kennel doors are heavy and when open will stress cables. Security Boss and Moore Pet Supplies strongly recommends only going with higher grade Stainless Aircraft Cable.

Our Cable has a PVC coating to provide for self lubricating operation and is rated to hold up to 480 pounds.

 Aircraft Cable is specified by the number of strands in the rope, times the number of wires in each strand. For example, the notation 7 X 7 means that the rope has seven (7) strands and there are seven (7) wires in each strand.

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Stainless Aircraft Cable
Sold in 20 ft. lengths