Alternative Pet Door Locations

Posted by Security Boss Pet Doors on Jun 30th 2021

Alternative Pet Door Locations

So, you have made the decision to buy a pet door for your house, Great! Next up is deciding where you want it installed, you most likely know about the most common options, door mounted, wall mounted, and glass mounted doors, but if these are not what you are looking for then we have a wide variety of products for you to consider instead.

One popular choice, especially in the summertime, is a screen door with pet door, Security Boss’s screen pet doors are designed to replace one corner of your screen door with a screen swing that will allow your pet in and out as they please. Every screen door is hand built to order from durable, heavy duty aluminum and features a silent operating swing, scratch resistant screen, bug proof seal, and optional brace bar for added support. Screen pet doors come in sizes ranging from Chihuahua to Great Dane and we have sizing charts available on our website to help you find the perfect size for your pooch.

If screen pet doors aren’t your thing, then how about an insulated storm door pet door? Most pet doors can’t be installed into storm doors, garage doors or other common places that pet doors are installed because they aren’t quite thick enough, regular door mounted pet doors are made to be installed into doors one and a quarter inch to two inches thick. If you want to outfit your storm door with cat door or garage door with pet door you’re going to want a Security Boss storm door pet door which is specially made to install into just about every insulated storm door or overhead garage door, accommodating for doors between three quarter inch to one and one eighth inch thick. It is the only dog storm door on the market with this much insulating power.

We even have doors that install into sash or side sliding windows, window mounted pet doors are a perfect way to let your cat roam about in and out somewhere that’s out of the way, that way the pet’s door isn’t taking up space in a door frame like a patio slider does, and installing these sliding window inserts is a breeze, no drilling, no screws, no tools required at all, just attach the high quality aluminum frame into the window track and slide the window closed. Giving Mr. Whiskers his own personal door couldn’t be more easy or simple!

And this article only scratches the surface of all the products we offer at, and if you need any help with finding or ordering the right type and size door for your needs just call up one of our friendly customer service reps and we will be sure to help you any way we can.