Cat Door Solutions for Windows and Patios

Posted by team on May 28th 2021

Cat Door Solutions for Windows and Patios

Yes its true, we supply the best dog doors in the world, but don’t think for a second that we have forgotten about our feline friends! Here at Moorepet we offer wide range of cat doors that are perfect for indoor or outdoor cats, whether you are trying to allow your kitten through doors in the house, in and out of the house through a door or a window, or just in your porch to get out of the rain, we are positive we have just the door you are looking for.

Since you are reading an article about cat doors you probably have a cat of your own, and you know cats like to do their own thing. Getting a pet door is the easiest way to allow them to roam in or out as they please without leaving the door wide open, which of course also lets just about any kind of insect or critter into your home as well, a sliding glass door cat door insert solves this problem by using high power magnets and durable vinyl flaps to create a barrier strong enough to keep out small animals or bugs but letting your pet through effortlessly, and if you need to keep larger animals out such as racoons or the neighbor’s poodle then its as simple as sliding the HDPE security panel in the channel on the interior side of the door and you can rest easy knowing nothing is getting through.

Security Boss is the best option on the market for patio pet doors and we have just the door for you and your kitty, not only can we help you measure your patio door and your pet to ensure you get the right size, but we are also confident that you will love the convenience of your patio door pet door. Security Boss Sliding patio insert doors are simple to install, all you need to do is attach the frame onto the same track that your sliding patio door is on and you are ready to give Mr. Whiskers the gift of freedom.

If your cat is like mine and has a hard time understanding why they can’t go out the window, then Security Boss also makes a cat door for horizontal sliding window that is similar to how patio doors work, The Elite Super Selective Side Sliding Window Insert features a cat door that is triggered by a RFID collar tag your cats wears. The cat door controls access in both directions, so this is a great option for customers who wish to selectively allow some cats outdoors while keeping others inside.

Every Security Boss product including the sliding door cat door insert is hand built to order from durable, heavy duty aluminum and made to last.