Temporary Patio Pet Doors Requiring NO Tools

Posted by Security Boss Pet Doors on Jun 14th 2021

Temporary Patio Pet Doors Requiring NO Tools

All pets love the outdoors, there is no question about that, and a pet door is by far the most convenient way to have your cake and eat it too by allowing your dog to come in and out when they want without having to go open and close the door for them. But what if you are only renting the house you live in now and you can’t just cut a big hole in the wall? Luckily, Security boss makes temporary pet doors that can easily be removed without any permanent damage to the home.

Now there are two kinds of temporary pet doors, a sliding dog door insert, and a cat door window insert. The sliding patio dog door insert easily attaches to the track that your sliding patio door is on, and the window insert works the same but on a vertical sliding window. Specialized design allows for snap on extensions to increase overall patio insert height. Locking tightly in place, each extension adds 2 inches to the insert. Two extensions create a total adjustment range of 7.25 inches. NO TOOLS or DRILLING required for these rock-solid extensions.

The installation process for either temporary pet door insert is very simple, does not require any professional help, and uninstalling for moving or for storage is just as easy to do by yourself if you need to,

You can also choose between a MaxSeal or a Standard pet door to have installed in your sliding door dog door insert. Standard pet doors come with an HDPE plastic security panel and a single flap, a economy product that is easier on the wallet but still delivers the quality you can expect from Security Boss products. MaxSeal doors give you an optional second flap and an extra boost in magnetic strength for more insulation, a layered plastic/Alumicore panel for a stronger and more secure door, and better overall performance.

After deciding on a style all that is left is measuring your pet to find the right size door for them, placing your order. And of course, if you need some help with how to measure your pet, we have sizing charts available online and a friendly customer service team ready to assist in any way they can.