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MaxSeal Pet Door for French Doors

Custom made pet door for removable french door glass panes

The MaxSeal for French Doors is a custom made pet door that is built to your specifications. Then most common method of installation a pet door into French Doors is to replace an existing, individual pane of glass found in 'true' French doors. All Security Boss products are hand built to order.

Installation Sequence for Installing a Pet Door into French Doors

Pet owners that may have larger pets may need a larger opening than what results by replacing only one pane of glass. You can have a larger pet door installed by replacing more than one pane of glass, cutting into the side frame of your door or into the footer so that a larger pet door can be installed.

Note: When you cut into the side or footer of your door, you will not be able to reverse the process and reinstall the removed glass.

Installation Sequence for Installing a Pet Door into French Doors

All MaxSeal French Door Pet Doors are made to order. The pricing is determined by the 'rough out' or opening that the pet door must fit. to determine the correct "range" to select when will need to know the
TOTAL SQUARE INCHES (width x height).

The calculator below can be helpful to provide you with the specifics of the custom door you select.


Pricing Reference - Base on total square inches of 'Rough Cut' | Opening
Total Square Inches
Single Flap Model
Dual Flap Model

Note: The Black Security Panel has a Black interior as shown above, the exterior is white to reflect sunlight and heat.
The White Security Panel is White on both sides.

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Custom made Pet Doors that replace a single or multiple panes of glass in True French Doors

Security Boss Manufacturing LLC - Best Pet Doors by Design

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Security Boss Manufacturing LLC


Congratulations on your purchase of a MaxSeal® Door by Security Boss®.
The following is a step by step guide for installing your MaxSeal® product.


Always wear eye protection and gloves when appropriate.


Child Safety:
Security Boss Manufacturing®, LLC., recommends that households with small children need to exercise proper judgment with leaving their children unattended in any area with a pet door. Pet doors come with locking panels and locking devices, using these devices minimizes any risk, but does not replace proper parental supervision.

We recommend that any consumer that installs their own pet door wear eye protection and be familiar with the construction procedures and tools of installing a pet door.

Virtually all doors use magnets for the activation of the pet door as well as in the sealing of the flaps. Customers with certain medical devices, for example Pace Maker patients, should consult their physician.

Custom Made Pet Doors
Replaces one or More French Door Panes
Single or Dual Flap Versions


  • 5
    Dog door

    Posted by Phil Griffin on Aug 27th 2022

    Although I have not installed it yet, it looks to be very good quality.

  • 5
    French door doggie door

    Posted by Glenda J Carlson on Mar 7th 2021

    This dogy door fits like a glove and is absolutely perfect!