Custom MaxSeal PRO Door Mount

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Custom Made MaxSeal® PRO
Pet Door for Doors

The MaxSeal® PRO pet door is available for Custom applications in doors, for example:
1. Replacing existing pet doors without altering the existing cutout.
2. Special Needs situations; larger or irregular shaped pet doors that will accommodate a pet with mobility problems such as arthritis or physiological hip problems. All Security Boss products are hand built to order.

Pricing is determined by the total square inches our your rough-cut.
This is determined by multiplying width by height.

  Note: These Custom models have the same specifications as the standard Door Models. Flap dimensions are keep on file for easy replacement in the future if needed.

Rough Cut Dimensions
Square Inch Range

(For pricing)
width x height

Single Flap
Door Mount
Dual Flap
Door Mount
0-69" $234.99 $274.99
69-93" $281.99 $321.99
93-141" $332.99 $372.99
141-175" $365.99 $427.99
175-215" $412.99 $487.99
215-257" $454.99 $517.99
257-309 $482.99 $544.99
309-350" $530.99 $597.99
350-372" $582.99 $684.99
372-527" $647.99 $737.99
527-600" $730.99 $785.99



6-Year Warranty
- Great Option to Replace Under-performing pet doors in DOORS - Special Sizing for Special Needs Dogs with Mobility & Medical Limitations | Giant Breeds

Security Boss Manufacturing LLC

Pricing starts at: $234.99
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Custom Made to any Dimension
Fits Doors 1 1/4" to 2" thick