French Door Glass Panel with Pet Door - Animate Manual

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Animate Manual Pet Doors


The French Door Glass panel Insert is a Do-It-Yourself pet door solution that is easy to install, reversible if needed in future and a very cost effective option when compared to in glass pet door products. These glass panel inserts are made to be compatible with french panel doors that use a plastic frame to hold in the glass of the door. All Security Boss products are hand built to order.

This is easily determined by two characteristics. First, look on the interior of your door and see if there are screws around the plastic frame that holds in the door glass. This frame also has a higher profile that the general surface of the door. The second characteristic is the measurement of the glass itself.

Compatible glass inserts are one of two sizes:
21.75"w x 65.75"h
23.75"w x 65.75"h

Note: These glass inserts will not fit every french glass panel door. Only those that have glass that fall into the provided ranges and are held in place by the described plastic frame.

The Animate "Manual" Pet Doors are durable, easy to install, and come in two different sizes (large &medium). The frame is a mold plastic, while the rigid pet flap is a polycarbonate lined with weather seal. thickness.

The large cat size is ideal for large cats and small dogs, in addition that model also comes with a convenient 4-way locking mechanism to help control pet door access.

  • Medium and Large sized doors come with plastic security locking panels
  • Durable plastic frame with self line to help with installation.
  • Rigid plastic flap with weather stripping to provide a quality seal.
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

Animate Manual
Rigid Flap Dog Doors

Glass Panel Size:
21.75"w x 65.75"h
Glass Panel Size:
23.75"w x 65.75"h


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French Door Glass Panel with Pet Door - Animate Manual