MaxSeal Flap Thumbscrews

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MaxSeal Flap Connector Thumbscrews

Your MaxSeal Pet door flaps are held in place with easy to use thumbscrews. This method of connection allows for customers to easily change the flap of their pet door without removing the frame. Many other pet doors on the market are not as convenient and require the full removal of the door to replace flaps. This compromises the seal and is generally a distasteful job just to perform maintenance.

MaxSeal thumbscrews have a black know that is knurled for easy grip. This thumbscrew also has a 9/64" Allen wrench hex head so that you can tighten or loosen the thumbscrews. We recommend that you periodically check the thumbscrews with the included Allen wrench for tightness to ensure that your pet door operates optimally.

The flap connector thumbscrews are not included with replacement flap purchases. You should use the existing thumbscrews from your original flap when replacing a flap. Additional thumbscrews are available if needed for purchase.

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Replacement Thumbscrews
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