MaxSeal Flaps

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MaxSeal Replacement Flaps

Replacement Flaps For MaxSeal Pet Doors

Insulating Flaps to Replace YOur Old MaxSeal Flaps

MaxSeal flaps are specific to size as well as their location of interior or exterior on your pet door. A interior flap will not line up correctly with the magnets of the exterior frame and vice versa. The magnet placement of both the interior and exterior of your pet door are designed to provide you with an optimum seal. Altering the placement of these magnet positions will affect the performance of your door. All Security Boss products are hand built to order.

Replacing your MaxSeal flaps is easy and can be done without removing the pet door frames. Thumbscrews located at the top of the flap can be loosened by hand or by Allen wrench (Provided in your hardware packet when you purchased the door). If you have any difficulty you can place a Flathead screwdriver behind the flap and apply some pressure to allow thumbscrews to catch.

*Note: Thumbscrews & Allen wrench are included with flap purchase


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MaxSeal Flaps

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  • 5
    Great fit

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 13th 2021

    As described

  • 5

    Posted by Amy on Nov 11th 2021

    Very Durable Product. Little difficult changing out the old door flaps though. The binding posts kept turning with the screws. Had to cut off the old flap to get to the posts, hold them still while I used the Allen wrench to loosen the screws. Tough, took some time to complete the job. But worth it in the end.

  • 4
    Maxseal Flap replacement

    Posted by Patricia Rubeck on Oct 22nd 2021

    The flaps fit perfectly but the installation is very difficult due to the design. It would be a little easier if the thumb screws were offset from each other in each flap. Also if the rivets were pre-installed into the flap it would be easer because they have to be held tight or else they spin when trying to screw in the thumb screws.

  • 5
    Best price you can find for this special product.

    Posted by Mary Ann Sutter on Aug 29th 2021

    Have two big dogs that go in and out all day long. They wear out the flap about every four years. It gets harder to replace but we finally found this one. It is relatively easy to install. I highly recommend this dog door.

  • 5
    Superb customer service

    Posted by Jordan G. on Aug 17th 2021

    Needed the flaps within 5 days due to traveling out of the country. Warehouse got them made and shipped in time before departure. If you’re looking for animal products with tremendous customer service, look no further folks!

  • 5
    Maxseal Flaps

    Posted by Phyllis on Jul 28th 2021

    When we first installed the SecurityBoss dog door, we had no idea the flaps were replaceable. With a 70 pound Border Collie and a 30 pound Cavalier Spaniel using the door multiple times a day, it's no wonder the flaps needed replacing, but only after five years of use. I'd call that very good durability. Replacing is a bit of a chore, probably made worse because it is a double flap door, but the work is totally worth it. Best dog door ever.

  • 5
    Nice & Clean

    Posted by Kelly Blount on Jul 11th 2021

    We have had a pet door for several years. The flaps get so dirty from all the wet noses. The outside flap was really bad and I could not get it clean! We live in a hot humid climate and the gunk would mold and mildew on the flap and was impossible to remove. I finally broke down and ordered new flaps. They have a bit of a new plastic smell but they are beautiful. They were cumbersome to install because of the tight space. We could not use the Allen wrench and ended using pliers to tighten the screws. The flaps are super heavy duty and fit like glove. I’m very happy with the clean flaps!

  • 5

    Posted by Mike Ross on Jul 9th 2021

    complete pkg included with flaps, including installation instructions, well done. Rv

  • 5
    Would purchase again!

    Posted by Luann on Jun 18th 2021

    Have had my Security Boss pet door for 5 years now and has been of great value with 3 dogs in my home. Very well made and has held up great with out any issues. This is my first order for the MaxSeal flaps replacements since purchasing the door 5 yea