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MaxSeal Panel Replacement Rivets

Panel rivets are part of the security panel for the MaxSeal pet doors. These specially designed compression rivets are a key feature to the insulated security panel. Each panel has four rivets that hold together a composite panel made from various materials. The overall result of this composite design is incomparable strength along with insulation for your pet door.

These rivets also have a slight profile to keep your security panel from free falling if allowed when closing. This preventative feature protects your pet door frame from becoming compromised and weaken at the corner joints that could result from the panel sliding down with force. We recommend that when closing your pet door with the security panel that you gently guide the panel down...while applying gentle pulling pressure so that the rivet heads clear. In the unlikely event that you break a rivet due to improper use, we have included additional replacements in your initial hardware packet that accompanies a newly purchased door. Additional rivets are also available.

Note: If you are a experiencing any separation of the composite layers, we suggest you lie the panel on the ground, handle upwards, and gently step on the rivets to make sure they are compressed fully.


Rivets Sold in sets of 8


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    Posted by Randle Bain on Mar 22nd 2021

    Worked as described. Used to refresh the existing door.