MaxSeal Wall Mount Pet Door

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MaxSeal Wall Model Pet Doors

The Best Pet Doors by Design

The MaxSeal Wall Model pet door offers you the ultimate in pet door design. We use only the highest quality components to fabricate one of the industry's best selling, high performance pet doors for walls. All Security Boss products are hand built to order.

The MaxSeal is designed to provide the very best in an insulating seal and home security when locked off. There are 10 different sizes, allowing you to customize the size to any type of pet or situation. We also offer 10 different frame colors and two security panel colors to match or augment nearly any home decor.

Security Boss is setting the standard for pet doors in terms of pet door quality. Our units are proudly assembled in La Crosse WI. USA. Customers can customize their door with several options that make each pet door unique for their home. Whether it be the direction the security panel loads, the color options, high wind accessory magnets for very challenging environments or the option to get a door that will accommodate an aging pet with arthritis, Security Boss offers our customers the most flexibility and the best performing product in the shortest amount of time.


MaxSeal Wall Model Size and Dimensional Data

Flap Size
Cut in Door
Exterior Frame
(overall frame size)
(w x h)
Single Flap
Dual Flap
6"x 7 1/2"
8 1/8" x 9 5/16" 9 3/8 x 10 9/16" $226.11 $243.27
7"x 9"
9 1/8" x 10 13/16" 10 3/8 x 12 1/16" $243.99 $283.99
9" x 12"
11 1/8" x 13 13/16" 12 3/8 x 15 1/16" $302.99 $343.99
11" x 16"
13 1/8" x 17 13/16" 14 3/8 x 19 1/16" $365.99 $415.99
11" x 20"
13 1/8" x 21 13/16" 14 3/8 x 23 1/16 $444.99 $478.99
Tall Grand
11" x 25"
13 1/8" x 26 13/16" 14 3/8 x 28 1/16" $472.99 $541.99
XL Grand
12" x 24"
14 1/8" x 25 13/16" 15 3/8 x 27 1/16" $515.99 $584.99
Wide Tall
15" x 20"
17 1/8" x 21 13/16" 18 3/8 x 23 1/16" $562.99 $638.99
15" x 24"
17 1/8" x 25 13/16 18 3/8 x 27 1/16 $601.99 $670.99
15 3/4" x 32"
17 7/8" x 33 13/16" 19 1/8 x 35 1/16"  $651.99 $743.99

Note: The Black Security Panel has a Black interior as shown above, the exterior is white to reflect sunlight and heat.
The White Security Panel is White on both sides.

We suggest that when pre-cutting the rough for any pet door, that you add at least an 1/8" to the width and height to allow for easy fitting. Some Rough cuts are more precise and may fit tighter if the hole is not completely true.We always recommend that the door is on hand prior to cutting. We will not be responsible for re-fitting after the fact.

High performance pet door made for installation in all types of WALLS

Security Boss Manufacturing LLC - Best Pet Doors by Design

Pricing Starts at: $204.99


Congratulations on your purchase of a MaxSeal Door by Security Boss.

The following is a step by step guide for installing your MaxSeal product.
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MaxSeal Wall Model Pet Door

Click Here for Instructions in PDF format

Always wear eye protection and gloves when appropriate.

Tools You May Need:
Flat tipped screw driver
Scissors or snips
Utility knife
Silicone Sealant

Child Safety:
Security Boss Manufacturing, LLC., recommends that households with small children need to exercise proper judgment with leaving their children unattended in any area with a pet door. Pet Doors come with locking panels and locking devices, using these devices minimizes any risk, but does not replace proper parental supervision.


We recommend that any consumer that installs their own pet door wear eye protection and be familiar with the construction procedures and tools of installing a pet door.
Virtually all doors use magnets for the activation of the pet door as well as in the sealing of the flaps. Customers with certain medical devices, for example; Pace Maker patients, should consult their physician.

Trim-to-Fit Solid Wall Tunnels
2"-10" or 2"-16" Options


  • 5
    Maxseal wall mount

    Posted by JJM on Nov 18th 2021

    This is my 4th Maxseal door I have purchased. I keep moving! I wouldn't have any other dog door but this one. Everyone in my family has pet doors. They all say this one is the BEST.

  • 5
    Maxseal Wall Mount Pet Door

    Posted by Kari on Jun 3rd 2021

    Best doors!

  • 5
    Amazing Quality & Service!!!

    Posted by Linda Boes on Apr 27th 2021

    The quality of this door is the best we have seen by far, and we have tried many brands and styles of pet doors. I did a ton of research before making this purchase, and this product was worth every penny. We also made a special request to expedite our order, and they delivered even sooner than expected. The personal service we received was incredible! is the door. Thank you!