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Pet Door Rain Guard Protector

Security Boss Rain Guard Protector is an accessory for all of the MaxSeal pet door models. This soft, pliable pet door awning, is safe around children at play or the occasional pedestrian adult who make walk near the pet door. There are some companies who offer a solid aluminum awning guard, but there could be a danger if care is not exercised.

The Rain Guard has a vinyl coated aluminum clamp that will fit snugly on the exterior top of the pet door. This is not always needed, but some customers may find that the ideal location for a pet door install does not have a natural overhang from the roof, depending on the architecture of the home. The Rain Guard Protector is not manufactured by Security Boss and is not covered under our warranty. This item is available for order as an optional item if needed in the future.

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No pet door is rain proof. Please consider the location where you plan to install your pet door and the severity of the weather the pet door would be exposed to.

Pet Door Rain Guard Protector
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