SB Standard Blocking Panel

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SB Standard Blocking Panel

Replacement Blocking Panel for SB Standard Pet Door & Giant Breed Patio Door

Security Boss Manufacturing LLC
Replacement Blocking Panel for the SB Standard Pet Door is available in 5 standard sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Giant Breed. These replacement panels allow you to block the pet opening off. They are made of tough, weather proof ABS plastic. The SB Standard Pet Door model blocking panels feature upgraded threaded locking pins that lock the panel in place. The original panels do not "lock" into place, but effectively close off access to the pet door. Doors ordered before 3/14/2017 have the original panel, while doors ordered on or after that date feature the upgraded locking panel Only available in white. All Security Boss products are hand built to order.

Panels for SB Standard Pet Doors
Note: Replacement Blocking Panels
are available in White only

SB Standard Blocking Panels

SB Standard Size
Flap Size
Security Panel Price


7"x 11"



10.5"x 15"



13" x 20"


Extra Large

15" x 23"


Giant Breed

15" x 28"


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Security Boss Manufacturing LLC

SB Standard Blocking Panel