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Security Boss Pet Screen Door Brace Bar

The Brace Bar option is for customers who want to add a stabilizing bar to their Security Boss Pet Screen Door. You can choose your color preference to match your pet screen door. Installation is considered to be moderately difficult. Please note that the best way to install or add this brace bar is to first install you screen pet door, then follow directions for adding the Brace Bar. We have a both a video as well as printed instructions to help clarify and made this installation easier for you.

Note: Brace bar is for 36" wide screens, call us prior to ordering if your screen is wider so we can make notation on order.

Security Boss Screen Pet Doors | Brace Bar

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Security Boss | Screen Door Brace Bar

Security Boss Manufacturing LLC

Screen Door Brace Bar Installation Instructions


The Security Boss Brace Bar is recommended for use with our line of pet screen doors. The Brace bar will add support and rigidity to sliding screen doors and securely support our larger sized pet screen doors.

The Brace Bar kit comes complete with:
Brace bar
2 brace bar retainer clips
2 screw on retainer clips to fasten the brace bar to the pet door.

The normal position for the Brace Bar is along the top stationary frame of the pet door. This will secure the 4th corner of the pet door. The Brace Bar is recommended for the Extra Large and the Tall Extra Large Sizes, but can be used with the smaller sizes as well.


Security Boss | Screen Door Brace Bar