Trim-To-Fit Wall Tunnel Insert

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Trim-To-Fit Wall Tunnel Insert ONLY

Easy To Install | 18 ga Aluminum T-6063

The Trim-to-Fit Tunnel is a newly generated product geared towards Kennel facilities. This product was designed with the idea that not all facilities want to have the whole kit and kaboodle. Some facilities just want to have an effective way to seal the length of the wall. With the Trim-to-Fit Tunnel, you can do just that. This product does not include flaps, magnets, weatherstripping or carpet, or a frame. You can feel confident in knowing you will find the same quality of material we use in our other pet doors. The 18 ga Aluminum T-6063 is corrosion resistant and designed to be installed in the wall to protect the cinder block or wood frame from rotting. This helps Kennel Facilities maintain cleanliness with a simple yet effective design. The Trim-to-Fit Tunnel is offered in 10” or 16”. Pricing options are based on square-inch range. If you have questions or need assistance, call today and speak to one of our associates.


Square Inch Range  Price with 10 inch Tunnel Price with 16 inch Tunnel
0-215 $54.99 $74.99
216-350 $69.99 $110.99
351-600 $76.99 $119.99
600+ Call for Pricing Call for Pricing Call for Pricing
High performance Aluminum Tunnel made for installation in all types of openings.

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