Security Boss High Wind Neo Magnet Set (3)

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Security Boss Extreme High Wind Magnets

For Use with all MaxSeal Pet Door Models

(sold in sets of 3)

Security Boss Manufacturing  LLC Security Boss offers the optional Neo Magnets for customers that live in extremely windy environments. The MaxSeal stock models provide the best sealing flaps in the industry, however, some customers may have more unique situations. As an example, living on the coast where ocean winds can be quite strong, customers living in the plains or wide open countryside where strong winds are prevalent, Kansas and Nebraska are indicative of this.

Neo Magnets are very strong magnets. For this reason, we recommend only adding a maximum of 3 for Large sized doors and bigger. If you have a door smaller than LARGE....use only one Neo Magnet at the base of the flap on the exterior side. To experience the maximum effect from the Neo Magnets, you will replace the exterior frame magnets only (Not interior frame), as show below in the image. All MaxSeal doors have a similar magnet arrange as shown below. There is a center magnet at the base of the flap and side magnets...the side magnets will vary depending on the size of MaxSeal chosen.

Introducing your Pet to the Neo Magnets in your MaxSeal Door:

We recommend that your pet first become use to the MaxSeal door with the magnets that come standard. Once your pet is comfortable with using the product, replace the magnets in the exterior frame as recommended. You may need to show your pet with some training assistance how to push through the door. Remember, Neo Magnets are only recommended for Extremely Windy conditions

Note: Security Boss does not recommend using the Neo Magnets on doors smaller than their LARGE size, as pets may have difficulty pushing the flaps. Neo Magnets are very strong and only recommended for extremely windy environments.


Neo Magnets
are very strong
Only Recommended for
High Wind Environments


Security Boss Manufacturing LLC is dedicated to providing products that operate beyond expectations and provide the customer with long years of satisfaction. The MaxSeal Pet Door lines are designed so that you can maintain your pet door indefinitely.


Customer with 15x24 - Mammoth Size:

"We had winds in excess of 50 mph
this past weekend and the flaps stayed closed. Thank you for the great
service and continued support while we researched the problem and found the
solution. I would recommend your product for anyone who needs a high
quality dog door in any environmental conditions."

Bismarck, North Dakota


No pet door is rain proof. Please consider the location where you plan to install your pet door and the severity of the weather the pet door would be exposed to.

Security Boss Manufacturing LLC

Security Boss High Wind Neo Magnets
for the MaxSeal Pet Door Models
Sold Separately


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    Good alternate use

    Posted by Heather V on Feb 16th 2021

    These magnets worked really well to keep our cat from using the dog door! They came super quickly.