3-Sided Exterior Kennel Dog Door-2030

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3-Sided Exterior Kennel Dog Door

Pricing Based on Rough Cut Dimensions of Opening

(width x height of cut hole)

The 3-Sided Exterior Dog Kennel Door is custom made to install into the penetration or opening of a wall or door. Built to your specification, these doors provide a positive weather seal for any commercial or residential kennel facility. Made from rust resistant components, these doors will result in incredible energy savings for any facility from the more extreme locations to temperate regions. All Security Boss products are hand built to order.

Total SQ inches
(width x height)
per unit
0 - 215
215 - 350
350 - 600
Warranty note: We will make doors that total more than 600 square inches, however, they will be not warrantied as they are larger than our standard sizes noted above.
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The 3-Sided Exterior Kennel Doors can be specified in new construction to maximize the facilities energy efficiency or can be added anytime after construction to an existing facility to improve the energy savings.

Security Boss 4 Sided Exterior Kennel Dog Door in use with Guillotine Kennel Doors

Security Boss 4 Sided Exterior Kennel Dog Door

Note: These doors have shown to drastically cut down on airborne insects in facilities that use them. Reducing the possibility of parasite transmission.

3-Sided Exterior Kennel Doors are all made to the customers specifications, therefor they are non refundable. Security Boss Manufacturing LLC warranties the door components for 1-year. Flaps are not covered under warranty.

Made to fit any Rough Cut or Wall Penetration Improves Energy Savings for any Kennel Facility

Security Boss Manufacturing LLC

Pricing starts at: $155.99
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Made to Order
Maximize Energy Savings
Energy Efficient Dog Kennel Door