Kennel Clad Swing Kennel Door

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Kennel Clad Swing Door

Pricing Based on Rough Cut Dimensions of Opening

(width x height of cut hole)

The Kennel Clad Swing Kennel Door by Security Boss Manufacturing is an excellent solution for rugged use kennels. This model features an insulating, reinforced flap framed with aluminum. The door swings quietly as well, making this an ideal choice for kennel facilities with multiple runs. All Security Boss products are hand built to order.

Promotes A Healthy Kennel Environment

This exterior door not only reduces your energy costs, but also promotes a safer environment in your entire facility. When dogs have the freedom of choice of being inside or out, pens tend to be cleaner and overall anxiety levels lower. Less time is spent by personnel watching the doors for outside time, and your well being is attractive to customers.

Design Features

The Kennel Clad Swing Kennel Door has been designed for harsh environments. All components are high grade aluminum and naturally rust resistant. The internal hinge is stainless steel, house in custom brass bushings. The insulated flap is composed of an inner polycarbonate layer, which is an air cell center providing a large insulating boost. This layer is clad in aluminum and reinforced with customized framing on all sides. Embedded rare earth magnets along the bottom of the flap are aligned with magnets in the frame, providing a perfect seal after each use. Replaceable weather stripping lines the door frame to stop drafts and bugs. The swinging motion of the door is easy to use by dogs of all sizes and settles into place silently. This is a great design feature, allowing for a quieter kennel atmosphere, rather than the loud clanging you find with regular spring hinged kennel doors. These are all custom fit to match your existing wall penetration.
Compatibility with Guillotine Kennel Doors

Kennel Clad Swing Doors are installed on the exterior side of wall penetrations. This allows for the use of ANY guillotine door system to be used in tandem with these doors. Security Boss does recommend that you might consider one of the guillotine kennel doors from the durable Kennel Clad Line as they can provide incomparable longevity and quality.

Total SQ inches
(width x height)
per unit
0 - 250
251 - 350
400 - 600
Warranty note: We will make doors that total more than 600 square inches, however, they will be not warrantied as they are larger than our standard sizes noted above. Call us for availability.
Product Information
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The Kennel Clad Swing Door can be specified in new construction to maximize the facilities energy efficiency or can be added anytime after construction to an existing facility to improve the energy savings.


Note: These doors have shown to drastically cut down on airborne insects in facilities that use them. Reducing the possibility of parasite transmission.

Note: Units are made to be installed on the exterior side of the wall penetration

Kennel Clad Swing Doors are all made to the customers specifications, therefore they are non- refundable. Security Boss Manufacturing LLC warranties the door components for 1-year.
Made to fit most any Rough Cut or Wall Penetration
Toughest Exterior Kennel Door
Silent Action
Good option for chewing dogs
Great alternative to loud banging kennel dog doors

Security Boss Manufacturing LLC

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Made to Order
Rugged Long Life Design
Insulated Swing Door with Internal Magnets