Classic Guillotine Kennel Door

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Classic Kennel Guillotine Doors

Security Boss Manufacturing LLC

Dual Pane Dog Door

The Classic Kennel Door is a HDPE panel that is reinforced on all sides with the Security Boss custom C-channel. This reinforcement prevents warping, bending and binding that naturally occurs with all polypropylene, plastic or HDPE type kennel doors. The Classic Kennel Door will maintain its integrity due to the strong aluminum framing on all sides. All Security Boss products are hand built to order.

Know Before You Buy
HDPE, polypropylene and plastic guillotine kennel doors may warp through time. These materials are most often extruded and wrapped into a large roll before processing or cutting into sheets. This production process results in warping through time as the material tends to revert to its curled state.

Our Classic Kennel Doors
are reinforced to prevent
this warping and curling

All Classic Kennel Doors come with the industries strongest, heavy duty rails. These rails are adjustable to ensure the proper fitting and operation of your kennel doors. Each Door ordered with come with a hardware mounting/operation kit. This hardware allows you to install an overhead cable supported by pulleys to operate the guillotine door from outside of the kennel. Optional Kennel Handles are available for kennel enclosures that have a chain link entrance. The Classic Kennel Doors come with a 1-year warranty against manufacture defect.

The Classic Doors are translucent...allowing in soft light into the kennel facility. Natural light allows operators to minimize lighting costs during the day.

UpGrade Note: The rails used for the Classic Kennel Door are the same as found in the Kennel Clad Insulated models. This allows you to upgrade your panels only to the insulated version in the future with substantial savings.

Made in USA
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Included hardware
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Classic Kennel Guillotine Doors
HDPE Kennel Doors with Reinforced aluminum

1/4" thick HDPE with reinforced aluminum


Maximum Opening in wall
(This is the maximum size that each model will adequately cover and still allow for the mounting side rails)

with 69" Long Rails
12" wide x 29" height
17" wide x 29" height
Ex- Large
17" wide x 34" height
Call and ask to speak with our Commercial Sales Consultant
at 1-800-829-7876

Each Kennel Door comes with complete mounting hardware:
2- Screw in hook-pulley assemblies
6- All purpose side rail screws (for wood, block or concrete walls)
2- Cable clamps
15 Ft. high strength, 7x7 stainless steel aircraft cable coated in durable black PVC (480lb. test)
1- "S" hook

Aluminum Reinforced HDPE Guillotine Kennel Door
Heavy Duty Rails
Installation Hardware Included
Rated Best Utility Guillotine Dog Door
Security Boss Manufacturing LLC
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3 Standard Sizes
Custom Sizes Available - Call 800-829-7876
Rated Best Utility Guillotine Dog Door