3-Sided Exterior Professional Kennel Door

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3-Sided Exterior Professional Kennel Door

Heavy Duty Hinge with Weather Seal Flap Connection

(width x height of cut hole)

The 3-Sided Exterior Dog Kennel Door is a an exterior kennel door model that features a heavy duty bi-directional hinge connection to the flexible vinyl flap. This hinge also uses a weather stripping that protects the hinge from drafts and energy loss. These doors are popular among kennel operators that have high energy dogs. The hinge flap connection allows the flap to move without tension. This full range of swing operation also allows larger dogs to use without the resulting pinching and wear that traditional flap connections offer. All Security Boss products are hand built to order.

Total SQ inches
(width x height)
per unit
0 - 215
215 - 350
350 - 600
Warranty note: We will make doors that total more than 600 square inches, however, they will be not warrantied as they are larger than our standard sizes noted above. Call us for details.
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Product Note:The 3-Sided Exterior Professional uses a heavy duty hinge that connects the flap to the door frame. This model using the heavy duty hinge is typically recommended for kennels that incur high use as well as those that may house larger or high energy animals.

Note: These doors have shown to drastically cut down on airborne insects in facilities that use them. Reducing the possibility of parasite transmission. Kennel operators also report a lower level of anxiety in facilities that allow dog free access outdoors during the day.

3-Sided Exterior Professional Doors are all made to the customers specifications, therefor they are non-returnable, non-refundable. Security Boss Manufacturing LLC warranties doors made in the ranges shown above for 1-year. Call us for sizes that are larger than shown on the chart above for pricing and terms. Flaps are not covered under warranty.

The 3-Sided Exterior Professional Door features a rugged 180 degree hinge-to-flap connection that allows for more abusive kennel environments.

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