Tall Kennel Door Replacement Rails

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Security Boss Guillotine Kennel Door Rails

Security Boss Dog Kennel Door Rails

The Tall Security Boss Guillotine Kennel Door Rails can be purchased as a separate items for customers that are looking to replace or upgrade their existing kennel dog doors. These rails allow for a sliding door that is 1/4" or 1/2" in thickness with their dual channel design. We have found that many customers like to upgrade their kennel operations in stages. The ability to upgrade these rails allows for the future purchase of standard or insulated sliding kennel doors. These tall rails are 69", as opposed to the standard rails 48" length.

The Security Boss Replacement Rails are manufactured with the heaviest gauge of aluminum available on the market. They feature a generous adjustment slot for final adjustment during installation; allowing for very easy to install and position to fit your sliding door correctly.
(Rails are sold in pairs only).

Who uses Tall Kennel Door Rails?

  • Any customer with a Locking Kennel Door
  • Customers with a custom kennel door 34" tall or larger
  • Customers with existing tall openings
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Security Boss Manufacturing LLC

Pricing starts at: $143.99
  • Heaviest gauge - thickness of any guillotine kennel door rail on the market
  • Dual channels allow for panels that are 1/4" or 1/2" in thickness
  • Wide adjustment screw slots for easy positioning during install
  • Rails are 69" in length

69" Height Kennel Door Replacement Rails
Sold in Pairs